How We Are Different From Other Remodeling Companies in Wayne


Our design team at MCG Kitchens has years upon years of experience assisting Wayne residents build and design the kitchens of their dreams.


No one needs unnecessary stress and anxiety when living through a kitchen renovation. We strive for an absolutely painless process for your entire household.

Budget Friendly

Everyone has a slightly different scope for a kitchen renovation project, so we'll work within your budget to utilize materials that fit the design.

Awesome crew, super professional and courteous. We did a full blown kitchen remodel and kept our hardwood flooring. The design process, choosing the necessary replacement items, tearout, cabinet installation all went seamlessly. – Kim H.

Making the Correct Choice the First Time

You’re finally all set and ready to push forward with actually finding a local home renovation contractor to remodel a new kitchen. MCG Kitchens believes that we’re different than other local kitchen remodeling companies in Wayne because we employ a very straightforward, organized, stress free remodel process. No matter your price point, we can utilize materials and styles that you’re after. When you’re paired up with one of our experienced kitchen designers, you’ll immediately understand why choosing MCG from the start was the best course of action!

Our Wayne Kitchen Renovation Contractors

When dealing with renovation contractors, you’ll find that they come in various types and with all levels of experience. Be careful here. Our team at MCG Kitchens Wayne believes that our extensive experience in handling higher end, luxury kitchen remodels gives us an advantage. This includes also customers who have lower budgets too. Working cabinets, flooring, countertops, and appliances into your budget is our specialty, as we understand the uniqueness of each project. We always consider budget, size of the space, and of course the end result. Whatever type of design you seek, let our amazing team of professionals assist you in achieving that.

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Our Four Step Process

Step 1: Consultation with Our Kitchen Designers 

All of our projects start with an in-home consultation to review the basics. This seems like an obvious piece of the puzzle, but it is crucial. It’s important to understand your vision and expectations for this project, and we’re here to ask of all the pertinent questions to understand the scope. We’ll cover everything under the rainbow, from storage space requirements, to colors and designs, all the way down to the simplest issues that need to be incorporated. It’s vital to cover all of these issues so that both you and our team are on the same page to move forward.
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Step 2: Designing Your Wayne Kitchen

Aligning your new kitchen style with the rest of your home’s decor and layout is very important and often underlooked when contemplating a remodel. The professional team here at MCG are experienced designers and contractors who will make sure that we take every factor into consideration during the process. Some of the major issues to potentially cover are moving existing plumbing, re-wiring electrical, or knocking down walls. We’ll also cover the countertop options, cabinetry styles, and flooring choices to make sure they fit with the surrounding spaces. No matter what needs to be done, our team will provide you with all of the relevant information to make the best decisions for the space.

Step 3: Finalize Your Kitchen Design Plans

Moving forward from Step 2, the kitchen design planning phase is the stage when our designers are going to cover the bulk of the materials being used in the project, and how they fit into the overall style of the space. We’ll discuss all of the various costs associated with the potential material choices, and the positives and negatives of using certain materials over others. Areas that are most relevant here are cabinet styles, countertop material choices, flooring, backsplash color and design, appliances, and electrical fixtures. We strive to both educate you during this phase, and make sure that what you ultimately choose is exactly what you want. No stone will be left unturned!

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Step 4: Constructing Your Dream Kitchen!

We’ve made it to the final step: work and construction phase. You are now officially on your way to making your dream kitchen a reality. Not only is our team of contractors and designers here to provide you with a superior, stylish final product, but they’re also dedicated to make the disruption in your daily life as minimal as possible. This too, can be a facet of the project that gets overlooked, but one you’ll appreciate during its duration. When the project is complete, our team will clean everything so you can get back to normalcy and start using your space. MCG Kitchens is dedicated to your complete satisfaction throughout each step of the project.

Wayne's Kitchen Renovation Pros

We are so excited to help your dream kitchen become a reality. Call MCG Kitchens today at 610-960-0122 to speak to one of our professional designer