Our Beautiful Kitchen Countertops in Wayne PA

Showing Off Your Kitchen

Kitchen countertops in Wayne PA can be purchased in an array of various sizes, finishes, and shapes. The proper kitchen countertop can fully showcase your kitchen and let your personal style come through while also making it highly practical.

Plan Properly

When dealing with expensive stone countertops in Wayne, it is critical to fully plan ahead of time. Don't be fooled by the beautiful finishes of these worktops, they are still very heavy weight materials. Our team will prep the countertops per measurements to ensure a successful install.

Our Leading Countertops

We have many clients that select our butcher block options, but MCG Kitchens most popular countertops are quartz countertops and granite countertops. We leverage the best stone suppliers in the county, no matter which type you choose.


It was an overall great partnership with MCG Kitchens and I highly valued that. They gave us the guide rails we needed. The most important thing to me was function. But I also got a design that is elegant and attractive. My kitchen has wonderful lines, is highly functional, full of class and looks amazing. The function of it is overall wonderful. I completely trusted everything that Mike and his team did and I looked for his guidance and recommendations on a number of items.

– Lenny T.

Durable Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are a key component in the overall kitchen structure. Whether you choose quartz countertops, butcher block, or granite countertops in Wayne, each are amazing options, but all are very distinct and have benefits over one another. All of these benefits should be considered before making your selection. If your in Wayne PA and have questions about kitchen countertops, be certain to ring one of MCG’s design professionals. We’ll give you a ton of selections to choose from – all of them great options!

Granite Countertop Choices in Wayne

We don’t want to necessarily pick a favorite but…, we simply adore installing granite countertops in our customer’s houses during a project. Our granite countertops are highly reliable and not as easily susceptible to wear and tear as quartz countertops. And they just happen to look amazing when they are installed! Granite is fairly simple to clean, and they are a wonderful finish to your kitchen remodel. The one drawback to buying granite countertops in Wayne is that they can run at a higher price than quartz or stone countertops. This can sometimes put a strain on client budgets. If you happen to have angst about stone options or budget, call our designers to discuss your apprehensions.

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Marvelous Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a very fashionable countertop option in Wayne, and one of the main reasons is that quartz countertops are generally less expensive than granite countertops. They do have some downsides though, as they are generally constructed of combo of resin and quartz. They are also vulnerable to potential damage due to heat, and can crack, increasing the difficulty in cleaning them. When granite exceeds your budget, quartz is the next best option, as they make wonderful countertops. As an added feature, they have a wonderful glossy finish. If quartz countertops aren’t your option, we have several other choices that may work. Contact one of our Wayne design professionals now to work out the specifics.

Butcher Block Countertops in Montgomery County

What comes to mind when you hear the term “butcher block countertops?” As it just so happens to be, butcher block is quickly turning into a common choice for our customers, and one that they might not have thought about from the start of the project. They’re rustic, perfect for cutting and prepping food, and last a very long time due to their durability. They will not replace granite as the leader in the industry, but a higher and higher percent of homeowners are choosing butcher block countertops due to their reasonable price. If you have not witnessed butcher block countertops, call us and set up a consultation. We’ll go over all your choices and help you come to a wise selection.

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Kitchen Countertops in Wayne by MCG

We will consider your budget and what fits into it, and eliminate the doubt around you countertop decision. This also includes the look and feel you’re after from a design standpoint. You’ll then be given a custom kitchen countertops plan which will let us finish the design process. Our goal is bring to life a customized kitchen renovation project that covers all your requirements. This would include, materials, color choices, design, and overall style options. Our kitchen designers are highly dedicated to what they do, and we want to get started constructing your new kitchen today. Contact us now to start the custom quoting process.

Wayne's Kitchen Renovation Pros

We are so psyched to assist you with your dream kitchen and make it become a reality. Call MCG Kitchens now at 610-960-0122 to talk to one of our professional designers.