Best Kitchen Backsplashes in Wayne

Selecting Your Backsplash

Selecting the best kitchen backsplash in Wayne can rejuvenate a kitchen, giving it an incredible backdrop to your renovation. The choices for backsplash tiles in Wayne go on for ever, and all of them have exclusive characteristics. We specialize in the installation and the design of the tiles.

Our Fashionable Backsplashes

Backsplashes can be selected from many various colors and materials. This selection is often the biggest personal decision that can be made to finish off the final look of your kitchen. Following is a list of the four most popular kitchen backsplash choices, along with the reason you may want to select that option. Have concerns or questions? Our Wayne kitchen backsplash experts can help!

Top Kitchen Backsplash Tiles in Wayne

Searching For A Glass Backsplash Wayne?

Glass backsplashes are available in both sheet and tile form and have many qualitative advantages. Glass is very easy to clean, is highly cost-effective, and available in a number of various patters and colors. It can completely alter the whole look of your kitchen. Something to consider is that glass is highly fragile, and even highly reinforced glass tiles could break. Should you have any questions, please be sure to call our expert kitchen renovators in Wayne.

kitchen with glass backsplash in Wayne
quartz and tile backsplash installed in Wayne, PA

Ceramic Tile Backsplash Installation in Wayne

Ceramic tiles offer versatility in that it can be painted when the base ceramic color may not be a match with the overall kitchen look and feel. By painting, it also provides an additional layer of protection and makes it easier to maintain and clean when it is has a gloss finish. Ceramic tiles are also highly resistant to heat but can still crack on occasion. Much like glass tiles, ceramic can provide many types and colors. Whether it be cut or molded, ceramic can be used to fit even the most obscure fits.

Installation & Replacement Of Granite Tile Wayne

A somewhat different option, but still an option that is highly utilized in contemporary kitchens, granite tiles can perfectly match with other granite finishes, including flooring and countertops. Granite is also very strong tile type. Granite can be on the upper cost side, but can match your current countertops very well. An additional bonus for granite tile (along with granite countertops in Wayne) is their ability to be cleaned with ease. Call us today so we can go over all of the choices.

ceramic tile backsplash in Wayne, PA
quartz backsplash contractor installation Wayne

Quartz & Resin Tile Backsplash Selections in Wayne

A final option is resin and quartz tile backsplashes that have been growing in popularity in the kitchen renovation world for a number of reasons. Quartz will definitely enhance any room visually, and can also potentially mimic the look of marble while maintaining the advantage of simple care. Our process provides a complete service that guides you from tile selection and design all the way to the planning and installation.


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Our Backsplashes in Wayne & Other Kitchen Services

Visualize how you wish the overall look and feel of your dream kitchen to be. Think through the layout of the space. Lighter tiles will give the element of space to a kitchen, and any backsplash brings dignity and richness that was not there prior.

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Our Wayne Kitchen Renovation Process

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